Our Vision

Having worked in the textile industry for over 25 years, we have witnessed a huge change in the way we make our clothes and the way we buy them.

We can remember when most of the clothes you bought were made in the UK and more importantly, they were made to last. The raw material bought was always the best it could be. The workmanship was carried out by highly skilled operatives and machinists. The quality checks carried out were performed to a higher standard than the industry required. We strived to make good, honest clothes that lasted.

Over the years this has changed and gradually more and more of our everyday clothing moved to low cost countries, to enable the retailer to make more money, while lowering the prices for the consumer.

We now feel this is starting to have a noticeable effect on the quality of the goods and more importantly creating a huge environmental concern. From the mounting landfill of fast fashion, the creation of huge carbon footprints and the plight of plastic in our ocean, the clothing industry is under huge scrutiny.

We at M&G can’t change the world overnight and that’s not what we are promising. We are offering fashionable, competitively priced clothes that are sustainable and made in a responsible way. Designed in the UK and only using the very best organic fabrics or recycled raw materials, we just want to do our bit. Our aim is to make the product last, look good and help (just a little) towards the global environmental challenges we face.